PSG offers a full suite of services rooted in communications including direct public relations, grassroots and grasstops public outreach, crisis communications, education and policy advocacy, along with robust digital media and video capabilities. We offer complementary data-driven disciplines to create effective strategies and can provide in-depth issue research and due diligence, public opinion research, and economic impact analysis.

Insight on political and regulatory opportunities and risks that can impact your business and investments. 

Solutions for minimizing risk and maximizing opportunity, using information to enhance business opportunities and growth. 

Experience for clients participating in, and navigating through, ongoing policy debates. 


Research + Analysis

Portman Square Group provides strategic communications and public affairs counsel to our clients. Our core practice areas include corporate public relations, regulatory impacts, crisis management, mergers & acquisitions, restructuring and bankruptcy, and litigation support. 

Our expert team offers extensive experience in federal procurement, appropriations, energy policy, trade and natural resources, including public outreach for siting and permitting.

Our experience crosses sectors, including natural resources, consumer, energy, financial services, food production, healthcare, industrial, media, construction and technology.

We provide in-house research on policy and regulatory matters that can impact businesses and investments. By examining public policy, federal and state regulations and legislation, and stakeholder influence, we help our clients gain clarity and make informed decisions to minimize risk and take advantage of opportunities.  


Strategic + Crisis Communications

We work alongside our clients to design communications plans that advance their objectives and meet their goals. We use solid analysis to anchor strategies and effective tactics that educate and influence, reaching the audiences critical to their businesses and organizations. 

We assist clients when circumstances threaten public perception, valuations and even the continued operation of their organizations. Crisis management can mitigate risk, lessen potential damage to a company’s business and reputation and enable clients to return to normal operations quickly. We provide extensive and thoughtful counsel, message development, media relations and thought leadership. We are adept at working with media under challenging circumstances, and when the situation demands it, we provide controlled but forceful responses. 

We advocate crisis preparedness planning that involves identifying areas of vulnerability, establishing procedures, training spokespeople and agreeing to protocols. We help clients prepare for crises through robust planning, simulations exercises and full integration with existing incident response plans to create the discipline critical for crisis response and business continuity.


Advocacy + Outreach

With knowledge gained from working at all levels of government, our team can design effective outreach campaigns and advocacy campaigns. We help clients communicate their values, tell their story to a variety of audiences and stakeholders to help nurture and broaden public support, establish a lasting foundation in the community, and address concerns and questions with a positive and proactive approach.

State, county and local campaigns take a tailored approach and a willingness to understand the community impacted, their values, and how to communicate effectively and Portman Square Group has the experience and proven strategic methods for success.

Major infrastructure projects take years to plan, permit, construct and deliver, and positive and proactive community engagement is long-term and enduring.  Our extensive siting, permitting and environmental experience, coupled with communications and public affairs expertise allows us to powerfully convey technical and policy-related ideas to a wide range of decision-makers and stakeholders.