When the unthinkable happens, you need a team ready and on your side. Our robust Crisis Communications and Litigation Support practice will prepare your team to manage through a crisis, and will back you up when you need it most. From research and vulnerability audits to full-scale crisis planning and real-time crisis management, we can help you successfully navigate what every business around long enough will inevitably face. Our litigation support practice helps attorneys give their clients sound counsel for brand and reputation management, and generates strategies to advance litigation goals.

our expertise

  • Crisis happens. Call us when it does. We will help you communicate effectively when it matters most, and avoid the mistakes too many companies make when the stakes are high.

  • Our skilled crisis communications practitioners have decades of experience managing brand crises, media frenzies, product recalls, scandals and incident-command for major disasters.

  • Vulnerability audits are an effective way to identify trigger points for potential crisis. This signature crisis research product will help you anticipate likely scenarios based on your operations, business practices, cultural norms and geography.

  • Planning is key to preparing for the unexpected and minimizing the likelihood of a crisis occurring. Our crisis communications planning practice will help you develop a clear and comprehensive plan to deal with crises large and small.

  • Our complete one-day crisis training workshop is crisis bootcamp – designed to prepare you for the unexpected. How you respond in a crisis determines how your brand and business will emerge. Our training workshop will arm you with the skills and knowledge to manage a crisis successfully.